Inter City Bus

Traveling by Van in our neighborhood communities of Guelph and Niagara Region is a safe and economical way to travel between those destinations.  Whether you are going back to college, visiting family and friends, or just trying to see someplace new in those regions, our friendly and professional drivers will get you there.

Single Traveler

$20.00 plus HST

Reservation is required in order to travel on the bus.

Once you have checked your selection, simply proceed using the Checkout option to pay and reserve these trips.


Please note: Departure and arrival times displayed are for the main terminus points you selected. More than one stop location may be available in some cities. If the city you are traveling to/from has more than one stop location, you may use whichever location you prefer. For a list of additional pick-up and drop-off points and appropriate departure and arrival times on these trips, please view ‘purchase’ before final reservation/payment.


Please make sure that all the reservations you wish to make are listed in your basket and that there are no duplicates. No refunds will be given for duplicate or incorrect reservations.


Note: These tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE. All prices are shown in CAD$ All times shown are local times in that city. Price includes sales tax where applicable.


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